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The Bespoken Experience

The process is simple, enjoyable and relaxed. 5 simple steps to creating the bespoke garment of your dreams.

  • Step 1: Set Up Consultation with Clothier

    Contact us for a complementary consultation. Look at this as a “get to know each other” session where we identify your potential needs.

  • Step 2: Get Measured by Clothier

    We take as many as 38 detailed measurements to ensure the perfect fit, the first time. We store these for ease of orders in the future.

  • Step 3: Fabric Education + Selection

    The fun step! You will have access to as many as 10,000 fabrics to choose from. You will be educated in the differences in materials along the way.

  • Step 4: Design Your Look

    Lapel Size, Button placement, stitching, monograms, and much more. Every detail is scrutinized before submitting the order, leaving you with a one of a kind look that is designed only for you.

  • Step 5: We Deliver and Fit Suit

    In 30 days or less, we bring your garment to you for the delivery. We want to ensure every detail exceeds your expectations. And it will.

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Style + Wisdom

The Details:

The devil is in the details they say. Well whoever “they” are haven’t met us yet. The details are what makes us so unique. From the history of fabrics, to the origin of looks and trending fashions, we have you covered from head to toe. Literally.

Q: Custom Suits are only for the ultra wealthy aren’t they?

A: Not with The Bespoken Mogul. We believe in growing with our customers and understand that trust is earned, not given. We are able to begin with a 100% wool suit for $299 that is completely hand made and is of higher quality and standards than department stores can offer.

Q: I heard suits like this are made in China and take 4 months to be delivered, is this true?

A: Our tailors and cutters are all located in OUR facility in Manchester England. With 58 of the most skilled craftsmen in the world on our team, we are able to deliver your suit in 30 days or less. Quality does not have to wait.

Q: This word Bespoke, what does it really mean?

A: In clothing bespoke is a term used to signify a garment that has been made 100% by hand, essentially one of a kind. For us it means something more. Bespoke is a way of life. Be unique, individual and stand out from the normal.

Q: Why don’t you ever run “sales”?

A: When you have options in every price range, if we were able to run “sales” on our products, it would mean we have been making too much money all along the way.

Q: I have had a not so great experience with a custom clothier before, why are you different?

A: We are different because care about the customer more than what they purchase. You will never hear a sales call from us asking you to purchase something. You will never be made to by more than you were looking for, but you will be educated on every aspect of the way shoes, shirts and suits are constructed. This makes it so you are never able to look at garments the same again.

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